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    Inflatable soft Elizabethan Collar/Cone/Cushion available in sizes XS – XL


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    Ensure your pet’s recovery is less painful with this soft inflatable Elizabethan Collar suitable for pets of all sizes. These inflatable collars are comfortable for your pet and restrict them from reaching their wound whilst making it easy for them to eat and drink as normal. Kiss goodbye the traditional cone of shame with these protective collars.

    Simply pinch the tube to inflate the collar. Slide your pets collar through the tabs to ensure a more stable fit.

    Size chart:

    SizeNeck diameterNeck circumference
    XS: 16 x 17cm3-4cm12-20cm
    S: 22 x 23cm4-5cm18-28cm
    M: 27 x 27cm7-8cm25-35cm
    L: 40 x 40cm13cm38-48cm
    XL: 45 x 44cm18cm50-65cm

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    XS, S, M, L, XL

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