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    Fur Baby Milestone Cards

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    If you love photographing your Fur Baby then you will love these Milestone cards! Enjoy sharing photos of your furry one with these hilarious cards. Perfect as a gift for yourself or those with instapets!

    The Fur Babies Milestone pack features 19 hilarious pet photo props including:

    -My parents accidentally left me inside all day

    -Check out what I brought home

    -I rolled in…

    -Those rules didn’t last long

    -I love licking things (mainly myself, but also things)

    -I got fixed (but I feel broken)

    -Check out my collection

    -I thought this was a good spot to go to the toilet

    -I kept my humans awake ALL.  NIGHT.  LONG

    -Today my humans are hungover for the first time since getting me

    -Bath time fail

    -You think this looks bad? You should see the vet bill…

    -They blamed the fart on me

    -Check out my sleep style

    -Today I ate (Shoes/Poo/My human’s favourite…)

    -I was bored

    -Today I ran away

    -Please stop taking my picture human

    -Today I just won’t shut up

    Each A6 sized pet milestone card is designed to be used as a photo prop. The matt finish 400gsm thick cardstock is lick-proof and wipes clean. The card set even comes in a cute box for storage and to create the perfect gift.

    Be part of the instapet movement with these cards today!



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